sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014


Senator Rand Paul
After I saw your position about The Obama administration to Cuba,I decide don't support you anymore.
You show great ignorance about foreing policy and what is going on in Cuba.
You said that when people taste freedom probably bring more freedom to the country.
For decades hundreds of thousands  European,Canadian and Latinamerican people visit Cuba every year and the only thing they bring to Cuba is the hard currency the regime need to subsistir.
The same regime who murdered thousands of thousands of Cubans in the firing squad.
The same regime who installed nuclear missiles pointing to American cities ready to be send to the United States.
The same regime who exported terrorism and guerrilla all over the world.
The same regime who drugs traffic with the Colombian cartel.
The same regime who tortured American prisioners in Viet Nam,and murdered the American Pilot Earl Coibel. Nothing will change in Cuba and you know it.
Your position show that you are not a true conservative,only another hypocrite politician.
May be you should be running in the Democratic Party. If you are the candidate for the Republican Party,I will stay home and don't vote in the next presidential elections,I don't care who will be the candidate of the Democratic party,because you show your true colors and I will let know all my Cubans friends who you really are.
United States is in a great danger to be destroy by Marxist,and your position is not helping the freedom cause.
Please don't send me anymore your garbage propaganda telling me that you are a true conservative because actions speak louder than words,take me off from your mailing list.
very truly
Horacio Minguillon Alonso

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